Spencer India1937218_1496326234006519_6744046066838165364_nna is nestled along the banks of the White River in eastern Owen County. As the county seat, the Owen County Courthouse sits on the square in downtown Spencer. This site will help you find out about Spencer Indiana.  Located 55 miles southwest of Indianapolis, it is flanked by Bloomington to the east and Terre Haute to the west. To the south you will find Freedom, Worthington and Switz City. It is situated in a valley along the north bank of the West Fork of the White River. The surrounding area is known as Owen Valley. Owen Valley is also the same name as the county-wide consolidated high school that is located on the westside of Spencer.

Composed of a vintage residential community, Spencer offers diversity in housing ranging from modest single family homes to apartments to homes of distinct, mostly Victorian, architectural design located along Hillside Avenue and Main Street.
Spencer is recognized for its tree-lined streets, excellent school system and outstanding city services.  Along with a downtown area that is currently being revitalized, you will find a new public library, an old Carnegie Library, a YMCA, Cooper Park along the river, and many other interesting and historic building located throughout the town.

Morgan Street, the main east-west road through town, is the convergence of three major highways:  US 231, SR67, SR46.  In 1920, Spencer was the Center of Population for the United States.  Because of that, the nickname for the athletic teams of Spencer High School was the COPS.

Spencer offers all the amenities of city living and the charm of a small town.  With Bloomington, home of Indiana University just 20 minutes away, you can enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing rural community and be just minutes away from a Broadway play, a world-class music recital or opera, or any number of nationally known artists and actors.

Statistics About Spencer Indiana

(sources:  STATS Indiana and US Census Bureau)

  • Founded:  1820, Named for Captain Spier Spencer who was killed on November 11, 1811 in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
  • Location:  39° 17′ 13″ N, 86° 45′ 51″ W
  • Elevation:  561 feet/171 meters
  • Temperature:
    • Average  54
    • Range –  27° in January to 76° in July
  • Precipitation:  43 inches (yearly average)
  • Population:  2,481 (2007 est.)
    • In 1920, according to the Decennial Census, Spencer was the Center of Population for the United States.
  • Average age:  38.7 (Owen County, 2005)
  • Median Household Income:  $28,684 (1999)
  • Employment (top five, 2000):
    • Manufacturing –  31.6%
    • Retail Trade – 13.9%
    • Education, Health and Social Services – 10.7%
    • Construction – 8.8%
    • Professional, Scientific, Management – 5.5%
  • Employers (top five):